Somewhere in our past,

my heart it fused with yours.

It didn’t happen fast –

yet it happened without a pause.

The edges of the scars

he left are rough on mine.

Your pain becomes recast,

sending shivers to my spine.

And –

Those wings you thought you grew,

were there long before you knew;

It seems I’ve grown some too .

Through each other’s pain we flew

and so we knew it well.

Your wings were stronger than you knew,

they lifted me as I fell.

So upon those scars,

let me trace my fingers –

I’ll lift you with my wings,

I’ll lift you as it lingers.


I am sure I am growing backwards.


Fear liquifies,

sinks to the surface –

I jump headfirst.


Catch my breath.



Through the lengths of light,

unbound by the hour,

soft twilight teases the

petals from the flower.

Through the grit of the wounds,

laying upon and unassuming,

soft twilight reaches

through the lengths of the light.